Life at PAES

In this time and age, universities and professional organizations demand well-rounded personalities and individuals with multiple skill sets.

With ever increasing competition in the practical world, PAES College realizes the all-important concern of parents and provides a platform for the students to excel and stand apart from others.

The personal development programs of PAES go a step beyond and not only provide precious life-skills at a young age but also grooms the very thought process of a student.

Subsequently, the student is empowered enough to increase the pace at university and later on exude brilliance in a professional career.

PAES College offers a diverse mix of extra and co-curricular engagements through its compulsory ‘electives’ where qualified trainers impart knowledge with a hands-on approach.

Towards the end upon graduation from PAES, a student will not only walk with confidence but will understand and implement the essences of leadership, teamwork and effective communication.

The different events at PAES College not only provide the much needed break at times from the hectic A Level schedule but also serves as a learning platform for the students through events based on extra and co-curricular concepts. One such event which polishes the profile of students is the annual science fest Rubik, an inter-school/college event organized by PAES’s science buffs where students get to compete and have fun with a hands-on approach. Notable annual fixtures of the college also include the Northern Adventure (up-country trip).

Of the students, by the students, for the students. These words are inspired by Abraham Lincoln and here at PAES, the idea is to live by this concept. Students are empowered to not only exercise collaboration in different areas of college life but also gain precious experience which comes with leadership as a member of the council.

We have all seen Harry Potter and experienced its unique and memorable children’s house system such as the Gryffindor and Slithering. Similarly, at PAES the three house of Red, Yellow and Green are aimed to inculcate a special house and school spirit among students through friendly competition.

Chance favors the prepared mind; a mind stays prepared if it maintains its agility, and what better way do to that than to engage in sports.

At PAES College, physical fitness and sports are regarded equally important and the team of professional coaches and teachers ensure that the student teams in different sports understand and practice the essence of game discipline and team spirit.

Team and individual sports offered at PAES
• Cricket
• Badminton
• Basketball
• Football & Futsal
• Table Tennis
• Throw ball