Admission Details

• Apply online by clicking here or visit our campus along with your parents.
• Upon submission of a duly filled admission form, an interview date will be scheduled within 24-48 hours.
• Subject to a successful interview, an offer letter is presented to the student.
• After payment of the required fee, the student will be provided an acceptance letter.

The admission form will be accompanied by these documents:
1- Attested copies of 9th, 10th and 11th grade school reports (mid-year and final-year).
2- Attested copies of CAIE O Level statement of results and certificate.
3- Three passport sized identical photographs of yourself (against a white background) with your name written on the back in block letters.
4- Attested copies of letters of commendation or certificates obtained in extra/co-curricular activities.
5- Copy of Smartcard or CNIC of student.
6- Copy of CNIC of parents and visiting card of parent(s)

Take the first step and begin your two-year journey at PAES College – now!
Admissions are now open and by applying on the basis of your O2 CAIE result, not only will you secure an admission and a peace of mind at PAES but you will also be able to benefit from the academic scholarship program.